Joshua Preston

Joshua P. Preston

My name is Joshua Preston and I’m from Montevideo, Minnesota. I’m a graduate of the University of Minnesota Morris (Political Science and History) and currently a research fellow at Baylor College of Medicine’s Initiative on Neuroscience and Law. There I work on big data “Criminal Policy Informatics” and staff The Journal of Science and Law. I also write fiction and my book reviews and poems have appeared in The Humanist, MAYDAY Magazine, and The Rain Taxi Review of Books.

While at the University of Minnesota, I served as chairman of the Student Senate and later as a representative to the Board of Regents (2012-2013). At that time I was actively involved in state politics and elected to the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s State Executive Committee (2012-2014). In 2013, I became the youngest recipient of the Humphrey School’s Mondale Research Fellowship.

In my capacity as an artist and activist, since 2009 I’ve been honored to speak at multiple conferences on rural youth identity and rural arts and culture. Need someone to fill time at your next meeting? Let me know.

Email: JoshuaPPreston [at] Gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @JPPreston

Other websites I write for:

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  1. Hola! Do you really know where you’re going?
    Couldn’t resist.

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