Free WalMart from the Tyranny of … Common Sense?

As you may already well know, Walmart is a one of the great success stories of our times. Where many Mom-and-Pop shops often find themselves falling into obscurity, eventually failure, Walmart has been able to survive and thrive as one of the most obscure global brands ever. Overcoming the monstrosity of unions and charges of deceptive pricing in its overseas stores, the men and women with the Always Low Prices we’ve Always Loved are facing a new threat: The New York City Chapter of COMMUNISM.

Or Big Brother.

Or Obamacare.

(Whichever bogeyman you prefer, really).

For the last several months now Walmart has been trying to open one of its department stores in New York City but to its dismay has faced an array of obstacles. Whether it’s activists or a city councilwoman “ticking off a raft of charges against the company – from hurting small businesses to discriminating against women and refusing to accept food stamps.” Ouch.

I mean, if So what is a company to do in this climate? Organize!

And if there’s one thing Walmart loves it’s an organized people.

The company now has an official WalmartNYC Facebook page dedicated to – let’s call a spade a spade here – propaganda.  Propagating the myth that the one thing every community needs in the 21st century is a one of their stores, the page is dedicated to peddling talking points and what is likely to spread nationwide in a few years: videos of the “Walmart Report.” In addition to this, the page also collects “Comment of the Day” posts. I’ve collected some of my favorites:

The following is from Eduardo Giraldo, who is apparently the vice President of the Queens Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

“You’ve got Duane Reade, Costco, Target, CVS, T.J. Maxx, Staples…. If Walmart wants to move in, let it compete. This is America. It’s a free enterprise.”

You’re right, Eduardo! If Walmart can open a store in Communist China, why can’t the struggling chain store open its doors in this supposedly “free” market?

And then there’s Michelle M:

“There are numerous areas where Costco and Walmart coexist. Typically the stores do not cater to the same customer. Why is New York afraid to save people money so they can live better?”

Yes, because that’s the greatest fear the men and women of New York City have.


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