Shyamalan was right!

For as much as we trash M. Night Shyamalan for his films, I do firmly believe that he will one day go down in history with Kubrick, Hitchcock and the Amazing Criswell. Why? Because he is the only director in Hollywood today capable of incorporating his prescience into the film reel.

Remember his 2008 classic The Happening? You know, the one where the plants retaliate against mankind’s general un-environmentalism? Well, it looks like things just got real:

Senator James Inhofe is, as you may be aware, the nation’s foremost Congressional climate change denier. He revels in the role, mocking Al Gore at every chance he gets, belittling climate scientists, and vociferously insisting global warming is the greatest hoax ever to be perpetrated on the American people. So you can’t help but derive a little schadenfreude from Mr. Inhofe’s recent respiratory illness, which he contracted from swimming in Grand Lake, OK, where “sustained high temperatures” had fostered the rise of a particularly toxic bloom of blue-green algae.

Schadenfreude indeed.


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