Fiscal Responsibility: Tony Sutton Leaves MN GOP Party in Debt

Even though the DFL is facing down Republican majorities in both the state house and state senate, with the exception of some great tragedy I cannot see how we can lose in 2012. With Obama at the top of the ticket (who, even if you are disappointed in him, will look like FDR next to his opponents) followed by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (whose approval ratings are at least 65% if not more), the coattails alone should be enough to reverse the 2010 trends. Add on to this the fact that less than a year out from the election the state Republican Party is in deep debt and struggling to find a leader and we’ve got this (assuming we don’t do as Democrats do and find a way to drop the ball when it’s in our court).

On Friday, abruptly and without much warning, MN GOP chairman and Louie Anderson-impersonator Tony Sutton resigned because, as it turns out, he was a terrible administrator:

Federal campaign reports released in early November show the party continues to spend money faster than it’s coming in.

The state Republican executive committee convened in late October to privately review party finances and weak fundraising numbers.

Some party officials were surprised by both the size of the debt and the ongoing spending.

When Sutton took control of the state GOP in 2009, the party had more than $1 million in the bank. By January 2011, it owed creditors $750,000, and it remains more than $500,000 in debt.

Under pressure, Sutton — who was unanimously re-elected less than a year ago — allowed party activists to take a more active role in seeking spending cuts. They also clipped Sutton’s authority.

As for actual numbers, it’s closer to $581,000.

On top of the $581,000 debt, Republicans owe about $500,000 in a special recount fund, started up to fight Emmer’s 9,000-vote loss to DFLer Mark Dayton

And apparently Sutton’s inability to understand how budgeting works goes all the way back to 2006 when he was the treasurer of the party and failed to disclose nearly $100,000 in debt. I mean, this is the party of fiscal responsibility we are meant to revere and elect with the hope that they tighten budgets and guide whatever organization they are leading into prosperity. So why aren’t they doing as they’re demanding?

Oh, right, they’re hypocrites.


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