On the event I lose my mind

I’m compiling this list so that on the event I stop responding to texts and social media everyone will know the storm that swept me up. When my shell is found shaking in the corner of my apartment, my essence evaporated and clothes turned to loose cloth, at least you will know where the mess of papers and books (likely soiled upon) came from. My apologies ahead of time to the sorry soul who has to find me in such a sorry state.

Here is my immediate “to do” list for the next several months:

  • I’m helping organize the Midwest Science of Origins Conference (March 30-April 1) at the University of Minnesota-Morris, which will include lectures discussing humanism, and the Origins of Life, the Universe and Everything (as long as “Everything” is defined as Homo Sapiens and Morality). The committed speakers we have so far include the award-winning Humanist PZ Myers; the evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin, author of Your Inner Fish; UMN primatologist Michael Wilson; and Interfaith Organizer Chris Stedman. This requires all of the work that goes into planning a conference.
  • The Twin Cities Daily Planet has agreed to publish an article series on third party presidential candidates in the 2012 election cycle. Specifically I’ll be focusing on the role they play, how they organize and how they use social media – all of this within the context of a political era where many Americans believe a third party is needed. Now I need to network and schedule interviews with the candidates and party chairs from the following (in descending order of votes received in 2008 presidential election): Libertarian, Constitution, Green, Socialism and Liberation, Socialist,  Objectivist, Prohibition, and Reform.
  • I’m writing my Honors Capstone Project Paper (so that I can graduate “With Honors”) on an evolutionary perspective of social contract theory. ~20 pages and presentation.
  • I’m writing my Senior Seminar in Political Science (so I can earn my Political Science degree) on a topic I will not know until the semester starts. ~20 pages and presentation.
  • I’m writing my Senior Seminar in History (so I can earn my History degree) on a topic that must be associated with “Nationalism” in some form or another. ~20 pages and presentation.
  • I’m applying for the 2012 Truman Scholarship. The final application with three letters of recommendation are due February 7; if selected to advance, I’ll have a few more hoops to jump through before I stop to see how gray my hair has become.
  • As the College Caucus Chair of the Minnesota Young DFL Party (MYDFL) I am in the process of scheduling speaking engagements with colleges around the state to get them excited for the upcoming election cycle.
  • As the Vice-Chair of the University of Minnesota Student Senate I am trying to organize a grassroots online media campaign to pass a resolution saying that the chamber believes the proposed constitutional ban on same sex marriage is antithetical to everything the University of Minnesota stands for. This requires all of he work that goes into running a campaign.
  • As one of Morris’ Student Legislative Coordinators through the Minnesota Student Legislative Coalition, I’ll be planning a rally at the state capitol in March (or was it April?) – the annual “Support the U Day”

So, yeah. Wish me luck!


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