A Documentary on the State of Contemporary Writing

Throughout history, writing has existed as a means for both personal expression and engaging with societal norms, be it to affirm or deride. With the continued expansion of the Internet, written media has never been so accessible and easy to distribute — it has redefined what it means to be a writer, as a hobby and a vocation. Embarking on a summer-long journalistic endeavor, we hope to learn what inspires contemporary writers. We want to know what it means to be a writer in the 21st century.

In summer 2015, we will travel to and immerse ourselves in three epicenters of art in the Midwest and western United States. Sitting down and interviewing exceptional writers and publishers from a variety of genres, at every stage of their career, our hope is to not only highlight and promote their work but also shed some light on the future of American writing.  Journalistic video and photographic materials will be polished into original content available for publication as early as September 2015.

Multimedia content will include:

  • transcribed & filmed interviews
  • photo essays, writer portraits
  • video/audio of performances/readings
  • journalistic articles, critical essays
  • multimedia mishmash hodgepodge

We are actively seeking sponsorship and private financial support to cover transportation costs and accommodations. If you are interested in us partnering with your publication, please contact Joshua Preston at A film reel of past projects can be found here.

About the Creators

Joshua Preston is a poet and writer from western Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota Morris (BA Political Theory & History). His book reviews, journalism, and creative writing have appeared in The Rain Taxi Review of Books, The Humanist, Voices in Bioethics, Popshot Magazine (UK), and elsewhere. Find him online at or on Twitter at @JPPreston.

Elliot Malcolm is a Minneapolis-based writer, photographer and filmmaker. He is a graduate of Emerson College (BFA Writing & Publishing) and currently works as an independent creative producer and multimedia artist. His work has appeared on Pigeons and Planes, The Current Blog, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Paste and Fashion Odds magazines, and elsewhere. (Twitter @malcolmist // IG @elliotmalcolmist)

G.D.B.P.W.S.N.B.D.G.: Giraffes Drawn By People Who Should Not Be Drawing Giraffes

Have you heard about Facebook? Good. Forget about it. This is going to be bigger than Facebook. G.D.B.P.W.S.N.B.D.G. is the only website dedicated to pictures of Giraffes Drawn By People Who Should Not Be Drawing Giraffes. We’ve got giraffes drawn by U.S. Senators, Writers, Actors, Scientists – all people you’ve heard of and who probably have better ways to spend their time.

The Sinclair Lewis Poetry Project

In 1930, Sinclair Lewis became the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature for a series of novels that captured the spirit of the fast-moving, confused decade of the 1920s. Remembered for his novels Main Street (1920), Babbitt (1922), and Elmer Gantry (1927), long before Lewis thought of being a story-teller he was a poet whose verse ranged from what he later called “Minnesota-Tennyson” to the whimsical. Between his years as a student at Yale (1903-1908) and afterward he published more than 70 poems in magazines ranging from The Yale Literary Magazine to the Woman’s Home Companion. Until now no major effort has been made to collect his verse into one volume.


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