Meet Joshua

Joshua Preston - Student Representatives to the Board of Regents

Joshua Preston

I am a researcher, writer, and advocate from Montevideo, Minnesota. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris (Political Science & History) and am currently a JD/MA Bioethics candidate in the University of Minnesota’s Joint Degree Program in Law, Science & Technology. Additionally, I am a Research Fellow at both the Center for Science and Law and Shen Neurolaw Lab. Since 2014 I have served as the assistant managing editor of the Journal of Science and Law and am a former staff writer for Columbia University’s Voices in Bioethics.

Walter Mondale Joshua Preston 2017

As an award-winning historian, I’ve had the honor of crossing the paths of so many great people — including Vice President Walter F. Mondale’s.

In addition to studying law and bioethics, I am also a creative writer and historian. I write primarily about Midwestern literature, politics, and place. I have presented on these topics at more than a dozen conferences and have received numerous awards and honors. These include the Humphrey School’s Mondale Research Fellowship (2013), a Springboard for the Arts Hinge Arts Residency (2016), and a Minnesota Historical Society Legacy Research Fellowship (2017). My work has appeared in Minnesota History, Rain Taxi ReviewMinnPost, The Humanist, and elsewhere.

Joshua Preston with his Wild Turkey

No one believes I’m an alum of the Jack Kerouac School’s Summer Writing Program — until I show them this picture.

Lastly, at the University of Minnesota I have served as chairman of the Student Senate (2012) and two terms as a student representative to the Board of Regents (2012-13; Chair , 2017-Present). Of these experiences, I am most-proud of pushing the University to publicly support same-sex marriage (its most-controversial stand since opposing the Vietnam War). Additionally, I am also a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, serving in many capacities including one term on its State Executive Committee (2012-2014). Since August 2016 I have served as the DFL Party Historian.


Curriculum Vitae (CV): Joshua Preston CV – January 2018

Email: JoshuaPPreston [at] Gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @JPPreston

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