Current Research Projects

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Published and Forthcoming Law/Bioethics Articles

9. After Marriage Equality: LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws in Masterpiece Cakeshop. Minnesota Law Review De Novo Blog (Jan. 22, 2018).

8.The Limited Effect of Electroencephalography Memory Recognition Evidence on Assessments of Defendant Credibility, 4 Journal of Law and the Biosciences 1 (2017) (with Francis X. Shen, Emily Twedell, Caitlin Opperman, Jordan Dean Scott Krieg, Mikaela Brandt-Fontaine, Jaleh McTeigue, Alina Yasis & Morgan Carlson).

7. The Legal Implications of Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier, 18 AMA Journal of Ethics 12 (2016) (with Jaleh McTeigue, Caitlin Opperman, Jordan Dean Scott Krieg, Mikaela Brandt-Fontaine, Alina Yasis & Francis X. Shen).

6. The General Public is Neutral on “Neurolaw”, Voices in Bioethics Newswire (Mar. 11, 2015).

5. Leaked Documents Raise Questions Over Defense Department’s Forced Medication of Detainees, Voices in Bioethics Newswire (Dec. 12, 2014).

4. The Atlanta Neuroethics Consortium: Neuro-Interventions and the Law, Voices in Bioethics Newswire (Oct. 13, 2014).

3. Gillian Bennett and Physician-Assisted Suicide, Voices in Bioethics Newswire (Sept. 16, 2014).

2. Bioethical Expertise and Government, Voices in Bioethics Newswire (Aug. 7, 2014).

1. US v. Hendrickson: Sentencing the Addict’s Brain, Voices in Bioethics Newswire (Jul. 24, 2014).

Published & Forthcoming History/Literature Articles

9. Depend on Interior Journeys Taken Anywhere”: Space, Place, and John Berryman’s Minneapolis, Middle West Review (2019).

8. The Professionalization of Nursing in Minnesota, 1898-1920, MNopedia (2018).

7. Senator Allan Spear and the Minnesota Human Rights Act, 65 Minnesota History 3 (2016). *Winner of the Solon J. Buck Award for Best Article of the Year

6. Translating Sinclair Lewis into English: Two Poems, 23 Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter 1 (2014).

5. The Colonel Surrenders in Minnesota, Newsletter of the Kandiyohi County Historical Society (Mar. 2013).

4. “Said God, Scratching His Naked Belly in a Kitchen”: Charles Bukowski to Robert Bly, Empty Mirror (Jan. 2, 2015).

3. Gov. Floyd B. Olson’s Solid Reasoning on Law School Debt, MinnPost Blog Cabin (Sept. 29, 2014).

2. Using Poetry to Sell Hardware in Duluth, 1897, MinnPost Blog Cabin (Aug. 18, 2014).

1. When Sinclair Lewis Met Floyd B. Olson at Northern Minnesota’s Breezy Point Lodge, MinnPost Blog Cabin (Jan. 3, 2014).

Book Reviews

10. James Wright: A Life in Poetry by Jonathan Blunk, Middle West Review (2018) (in-progress).

9. Miles Lord: The Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice by Roberta Walburn, Minnesota History (Spring 2018).

8. Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice by Adam Benforado, 2 Journal of Science & Law 1 (2016).

7. It Can Happen Here: Jack London, Sinclair Lewis, Philip Roth by Claire Sprague, 23 Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter 2 (2015).

6. Expect Delays by Bill Berkson, Rain Taxi Review (Fall Online ed., 2015)

5. The Meaning of Human Existence by Edward O. Wilson, The Humanist (July/August 2015)

4. A Particular Weight by Thressa Johnson, 20 Rain Taxi Review 2 (2015).

3. Buoyancies: A Ballast Master’s Log by Joseph A. Amato, 19 Rain Taxi Review 4 (2014).

2. Any Anxious Body by Chrissy Kolaya, Cutbank (Oct. 2014).

1. Vacant Lot by Oliver Rohe (trans. Laird Hunt), Empty Mirror (June 28, 2014).


2. The National Guard Should Take Rightwing Extremism More Seriously, MinnPost Community Voices (April 21, 2021)

1. How Not to Report the News: Food Stamp Fraud Edition, MinnPost Blog Cabin (Aug. 26, 2014).