UR: McBride and Thoma New MCSA President and Vice-President

As a writer for the campus newspaper at the University of Minnesota-Morris, The University Register, I cover the state and local political scene along with whatever is sent my way by the News Editor. After spending more than 5 1/2 hours counting ballots the evening of Election Day, I had very little time to get this article in – but I think it turned out just fine. It was published on April 8, 2010.

MORRIS, MN – In an upset victory Wednesday night, Michael McBride ’11 won the Morris Campus Student Association’s presidential election with his running-mate Elizabeth Thoma ’11 for the 2010-11 academic school year. Slated by many in the early months of the election season to be a weak contender, following several controversies the campaign spent the last few weeks until Election Day visiting student organizations, hosting root-beer float “dorm hall” meetings and filming the “Vote in a Box” music video (which can still be found on their Facebook campaign page). With more than 478 ballots cast in the Campus Assembly, Consultative Committee, All-University Senate and MCSA Presidential elections, Mcbride/Thoma beat their opponents, Matt Privratsky and Colin Stemper, by a margin of 56 votes.

“This election witnessed the largest and most diverse group of students voting in recent MCSA history,” said McBride in a phone interview, “and we thank each and every student who came out and voted regardless of who they cast their ballot for.”

Running on a campaign that would move Forum out of the “bowels” of the Science Building to the Alumni Room to make it more accessible to the student body, McBride plans to look into the possibilities of creating a “drunk bus”, cut secretary stipends to fund grants for student organizations putting on programs that will benefit the student body as whole and also develop the student body’s role in campus policy.

Going forward, McBride intends to “build off of the Olson-Baker administration’s legacy of an activist Forum to not only advocate fiercely for the rights of students in campus governance,” but to also make MCSA into an organization that plays an active role in the lives of the students it speaks for.

As for the second-most competitive election, the student delegation to the UMM Consultative Committee, which is charged with discussing with the appropriate members of the campus community issues regarding instruction, personnel, student affairs, and so on, for the 2010-11 school year will be Mark Privratsky, Manjari Govada, Naomi Wente and Zak Forde. The alternates for the committee will be Holly Gruntner and Attina Earl.

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