UMN Student Senate to reject proposed marriage amendment

Hey everyone,

My name is Joshua Preston and I am the Chairman of the University of Minnesota Student Senate, which represents all 67,000 students of the University system. One thing that we will be doing this Thursday, March 1, is voting on a resolution saying that we believe the marriage amendment to be antithetical to everything the University stands for and something we have a moral obligation to reject. (The text of the resolution is here:

The reason why I am posting this news here is because I think that the more people know about what the university student body is doing, the more apparent it becomes that GLBT support is far reaching and is not just drawn along partisan lines. In fact, the resolution in the student senate is just the first step; we are hoping to advance this to the larger University Senate, which is chaired by President Eric Kaler himself. But to do this, we have to rally up as much support behind the resolution as possible.

If you are able to do so, I would encourage you to check out and read the resolution. Available on that Facebook page are pictures you can change your profile picture to to show your support. On Twitter I am trying to push a hashtag (#UMNlove) that I’m hoping will catch on (but it will only do so with your help!)

This may be one of the most controversial stances the Student Senate has to take and one that has required a lot of arm twisting on my part. Please don’t let this resolution be a tree falling in a forest: meaningless. Let’s raise some hell and make it clear that Minnesotans everywhere are opposed to the marriage amendment!

This is our chance to make not only state history, but national history as we will be the largest student government to take such a stance.


Joshua Preston
UMN Student Senate Chairman

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