It’s really not that expensive to eat healthy

A friend of mine posted the following on Facebook, and even though it shouldn’t be too shocking it does serve as a reminder of the choices we have when it comes to planning our diet.

Now, the McDonald’s option factors in neither the health care costs for the individual nor for society as a whole, but that’s splitting hairs.

After reading this infographic I thought I would go ahead and try it myself, so I went out and bought the basics for stir fry (broccoli, red peppers, carrots, yellow onions, mushrooms, and a couple pounds of chicken). While I’m ashamed to admit that I purchased all of these things at the Little Falls Wal-Mart, which may throw off the calculations a bit, it came to ~$16.60.

Given the leftovers I now have, I’d say it wasn’t a bad deal. Sure, in terms of opportunity cost I’ve given up ~3 4-piece chicken strip baskets with a side of flamethrower sauce from Dairy Queen … but …

What was my point again?

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