Blogs I’m paying attention to in 2015

This year was the most prolific I’ve ever been, and has only solidified my desire to be a writer. I’m not trying to be cute or cliche when I say that I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds. If the last few years have shown me anything, it is that we dictate our lives, it is not dictated to us. I’ll report back to you in 365 days and let you know whether this still holds true.

No writer can work in total isolation, which is why I’m including here a list of blogs I’ll be religiously following in 2015. Whether you’re interested in politics, history, or literature, there’s a little bit of everything here. In no particular order:

  • Adam Olson’s blog. Adam is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota who studies congress. He’s also a fan of folk music and polar bears. I’m blessed he tolerates me more than he should.
  • Mandy Momentarily. Mandy is a hedgehog mother working on an MBA at St. Kate’s. She is a recipient of the J.P. Preston Award for Writerly Excellence. We’ve lost many literary contests together.
  • Holly In Spec. Holly works for the Library of Congress and writes David Sedaris-esque essays about her adventures as a Minnesotan in the nation’s capitol. I frequently fall in love with her writer’s voice.
  • Elliot Malcolm’s Flickr. Elliot is a documentarian and photographer deeply embedded in the Minneapolis art scene. He’s also a prose-writer whose work is reminiscent of Bukowski with an endearing softness that is all his own. We were once at a party where I almost broke my arm and he got a huge scar over his eye.
  • Jenny in Asheville. Jenny and I were once woken up by a policewoman who said we were loitering in an upper-class neighborhood in Duluth. She now lives in Asheville, NC, and writes about her adventures there.
  • Kestrels and Cerevisiae. Kele is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota who studies the history of science. He writes a lot about genetics and ornithology. He has an incomprehensible fondness for Christmas music.
  • Luci∆. Luci is an art student at the University of Minnesota Morris who does screenprints, installations, and paintings. One of her favorite artists is Lichtenstein, which one can occasionally see in her work.
  • Lake Region Writers Network. Based in western Minnesota, the LRWN publishes the Lake Region Review, which is edited by Athena Kildegaard. Most of its articles are about the art of writing and personal anecdotes on process.

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