Read “Hanging Onto a Moving Home” in Popshot Magazine #19


Artist Jan Sieman’s illustration accompanying my story “Hanging Onto a Moving Home.

In February 2018, Popshot Magazine published my flash fiction story, “Hanging Onto a Moving Home.” It’s a piece I’m very proud of, and I’m so ecstatic the editors commissioned an artist to illustrate it. In it, I explore what it’s like to be mobile with someone you love — and how it often feels like you’re hanging on to a moving home!

The story begins:

Stretching its long legs and shaking the sleep from its eyes, our home decided to move. This, of course, surprised us. You jumped out of bed to hold shut the rattling cupboards. I went around collecting the paintings from the walls and stacked in safe layers the history of our bad taste.

While I encourage you to purchase a print edition of the magazine here, you can also read my story in the sample pages available on the Popshot website.

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